Inspiring Teens Magazine Photographer: Tyler Lyons

Interview by Olivia Bush

  • What inspired you to get into the photography field?

My family has always loved art. I picked up my first camera in high school and have never put it down. I love capturing the fleeting moments in life and creating memories for the families that I work with.

  • Tell me more about your dance and model teams. What specifically do they do?

My ambassador team consists of twelve ballet dancers who also model. In addition to helping boost their portfolio, they help me by spreading word about my business and help create promotional pieces throughout the year.

  • Where are you planning on going for your destination shoots, and what are you planning on doing there besides photoshoots?

I am planning to take some of my ambassadors to Austin, TX, White Sands, NM, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. I will be focusing on shooting while I am at these locations.

  • How do you boost your client's confidence, and what do you love about getting to do this?

Several of my clients have never done a photoshoot before coming to me. I do a video or in person consultation before the date of the shoot. During the consultation, we discuss the type of shoot, outfits, poses, location vs studio, and how the shoot would go. This helps break the ice and bring a level of relaxation and comfort with the client. I love seeing the excitement on their faces as the shoot comes together.

  • If you could learn from any photographer or business mentor, who would it be?

I would love to spend time with and learn from Rachelle Neville in New York.

  • Other than photography, how do you spend your time?

When I am not doing photography, I am either doing social media marketing or baking.

  • Do you photograph anything other than teens? If so, what?

I photograph teens and younger children.

  • Three things on your bucket list

I have a few locations on my bucket list. There are a couple of locations along the coastline in California and in New York that I would love to shoot. I would also love to take a couple of people either overseas or to a beautiful national park for a fun photoshoot.